Shut down Leiden University for Corona Virus

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Hi everybody!  I'm Carolina, an International Studies student at Leiden University (campus the Hague) and I'm from Italy. As everybody would certainly know by now, for the past few weeks Italy has been experiencing a massive outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19) that has killed more than 600 people and infected over 10.000. Fortunately everybody is working together to make an effort and ameliorate the situation, containing the spread of the virus as much as possible.

There's been cases in the Netherlands as well and I feel like the situation hasn't really been taken into serious consideration by the system yet. Schools of every grade, universities and other congregational places, where the virus would easily spread, haven't been closed down yet, even after experiences of infected people. 

If you agree on that and believe that more measures of containment should be taken, especially shutting down universities (Leiden University in this particular case), please sign up this petition and help us out with this fundamental and pressing cause.