Speed Kills

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On Tuesday 24th January at 4.30pm I witnessed an incident where a school child was very nearly hit by a car adjacent  to the Bus Stop by the Cricket Pitch, Thorpe Langton Road, East Langton . Exactly a week later there was an accident in the same place, resulting in the driver having to be cut from his vehicle by the Fire Brigade.  In December there was a crash at the cross roads by West Langton and a local school teachers’ car was written off.  In each case these incidents were caused by the excessive speed of motorists travelling between Thorpe Langton and the B6047.

This stretch of road, from the cross roads at the B6047 near West Langton, has a national speed limit of 60mph, but it is used by a wide range of vehicles to service the community.  It is also regularly used by school children.  This speed limit makes it a very dangerous stretch of road and thee have been three  Road Traffic Accidents in East Langton and a ‘very near miss’ involving a child in the last 6 weeks.

In addition, between the B6047 and just beyond the East Langton turning there are 4 gateways in use, including into the Langton Stables, the turning at Church Causeway, a recognised footpath crosses the road, the “cut through” from the cricket pitch used by children and dog walkers, the bus stops, on both sides of the road, the turning into East Langton and finally the BT substation!  It is a miracle no one has been seriously hurt or killed thus far.  The road is frequently used by tractors, quad bikes, school busses, dustbin lorries, a milk float, post van, cyclists, horses, and delivery vans, along with high speed.

It is no exaggeration to say that it seems only to be a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or worse as a result of the excessive speeds of motorists travelling along this road, whether within or outside the speed limit. There are no traffic calming measures at all, and no warning signs, despite the presence of a designated bus stop and the use of the road by school children. 

I am asking for your help to raise this issue with Leicester County Council and the Police, and encourage them to reduce the speed limit to 30 mph and/or provide traffic calming measures and to possibly move the bus stop further away from the ‘Give Way’ at the top of East Langton.  If a pedestrian is hit at the speed of 30mph they have an 80% chance of survival, at 60mph there is little chance of survival.



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