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Redmi Note 3 - Nougat

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Hello MI,

Redmi Note 3 is #1 selling phone in India and with the highest sales of 3 Million devices.

It has over 7 Million sales figures worldwide.


We, customers of "Redmi note 3", are in exterme grief that we need an update for our device to nougat.

It has great potential with Snapdragon 650 underhood and we know that there is nothing new about cosmetics in upgrade from marshmallow to nougat.

But there are few underhood upgrades that are much more beneficial for our devices.

1) Vulkan Support :- It has great graphics with even lower CPU loads, that means it can run even the best graphics without sacrificing the battery. It saves battery upto 15%

2) Qualcomm's MP-DECISION :- It can turn off the CPUs that are not in use, so basically whenever there is minimal or no load on CPU it completely shuts down rather than even running at lowest frequency. This is useful on Big CPUs (that are A72 cores) which are power consuming even on least frequency. It saves battery upto 35%

3) Advanced Doze Mode :- This can pause or can prevent useless apps from running in background. This saves battery and helps to stop some useless apps to work or further trigger their actions when they are closed so we know which apps are excatly problem creator and also there are less chances of any malware apps to run in background. It saves battery upto 7-10%


Some of cosmetic changes that may or may not be useful.

1) Interactive Notification.

2) Gender Diverse Emojis

3) Unicode update from Unicode 8 to Unicode 9


And please tell the ( forum moderators that they should not misguide the people by telling that there is no change in upgrade from marshmallow to nougat [OR] Telling people that Qualcomm have not provided the drivers of Nougat for Snapdragon 650 [OR] Saying that hardware of Redmi Note 3 is incompatible with Nougat (as Mi Max has been upgraded)

Even low end devices like Redmi 3 and 3s have been upgraded to Nougat that why not Redmi Note 3 ?


And we, the proud customers of Redmi Note 3 are sincerely pleading for an Android version upgrade or atleast give an ETA for the upgarde.

We even didn't got the update for Miui 8.2 stable.

Please don't disappoint or break hearts of those 7 Million people who trusted Xiaomi.

Even devices like Redmi 3s and Redmi Note 4 got update to Nougat.

Its our keen request for upgrade to atleast an ETA.

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