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Fix Lehigh CORE Assessment

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All students will be required to live on campus for three years…

  1. The University wants to require all students to live on campus for a minimum of 3 years
  2. They are saying that living off-campus “is a privilege and not a right”, therefore GPA and conduct history should be taken into consideration for who is allowed to move off-campus
  3. They want to force sophomores in Greek houses to live in non-Greek dorms, to fix the Greek/Non-Greek divide, causing under occupancy in their houses, forcing some seniors back on the hill or risk falling short of the 90% occupancy rule.
  4. They indict off-campus parties of encouraging exclusionary practices, when they admit that their polices contributed to their move off campus.

One of the reasons why Lehigh is such an amazing institution is the well-rounded nature of its students upon graduation. We understand how to study diligently, as demonstrated by our top ranking programs in so many different concentrations, and also possess amazing social and time management skills and yet in recent years social life has experienced an inquisition, with attempts to erode parts of the school which Lehigh’s own report recognizes as being a reason why some, if not the majority of students apply.

Worst of all, these actions will be a detriment to the local town and school district. Moving 500 students on campus by force, will vacate 125 student houses, who are currently paying public school taxes despite not attending. When local families fill these vacancies, the school district will be overrun with new children, while the tax dollars they take in will be the same. In addition, local businesses who already work extremely hard will be hit hard by a significant reduction in undergraduates living off campus, and could shortly go out of business. Finally, what makes this so upsetting is that Lehigh's primary motives for these actions, as they describe in their report, is simply an attempt to curtail student's off campus social lives.

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