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Lego: Take the Sexist Street Harassment Out Of Your Stickers


Street Harassment affects women across the globe, as conservative estimates of women who experience street harassment are at about 80%. This is the most widely experienced form of sexual violence and it is a massive problem. The fact that Lego is telling young boys that street harassment is okay is NOT okay.

Letter to
LEGO Education
Communications Manager Jan Christensen
Brand Relations Director Michael McNally
The street harassment that is present in these stickers is unacceptable, as it tolerates street harassment. Hundreds of millions of women experience street harassment every year and this shows a blatant disregard for those that are subject to it. You are giving the message to young boys that it is okay to harass women on the street and this message is both disturbing and dangerous.
Please remove the "Hey Babe" sticker from this collection and stand in solidarity with men and women across the globe who have and do endure street harassment. Let's start telling our young boys to be allies instead of harassers.

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