Support more Diversity in LEGO mini figures!

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Did you know that even preschoolers show signs of racism?

We are a mom and son who want to see more racial diversity by default in LEGO minifigures. We have many across a variety of different sets and they all come with “white” mini figures (with the exception of two East Asian women from LEGO Harry Potter). We build our own “custom” mini figs by combining different parts to look like us— something minority families can’t do, and something minority children should be able to and feel valued and included. We want LEGO to include more racial diversity by default in their sets and better represent the full range of what people look like in the world. 

What message are we sending to our kids when their LEGO cities are full of one color person? How is this diverse and inclusive, which LEGO wants to claim? LEGO diversity and inclusion