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LEGO: Give Us More Options for Girls and Produce the Female Scientists Series!


As the parent of a young son and daughter, I am tired of the gender stereotyped toys marketed to my children. My daughter is oversold pinkwashed redundant themes. Families are looking for multi-layered, diverse and strong media characters to enrich our girls’ imaginations. It hurts my heart to hear my seven year old ask why there are not more girls represented in LEGO, her favorite toy.

Luckily, one of the entries in LEGO’s own public contest (CUUSOO) to design new building sets featured an inspiring and creative new Female Minifigure series including a paleontologist, robotics engineer, geologist, astronomer, chemist, judge and fire fighter. This series, which received the 10,000 votes necessary for it to be considered by LEGO for production, shows smart, adventurous, and strong women with a focus on STEM jobs. We are asking LEGO to produce the entire series so that our girls and boys can play with Minifigs such as female paleontologists studying their dinosaur bones.

My son and daughter both love LEGO and both want every piece of the Female Minifigure series. I would jump at the chance to purchase something like this for my family. During a recent trip to the store both children were looking for these sets and were disappointed they were not for sale.

Currently in all of the sets offered by LEGO, female characters make up only 16% of the Minifigures. (This number drops to 11% when you don’t count the Friends line, marketed only to girls.) LEGO can do better representing females in its building toys, and this proposed Female Minifigure series widely supported by consumers is a positive step in reaching gender balance. Girls can’t be what they can’t see and we demand more examples of girls and women that celebrate our intellect, courage, and creativity.

I am looking forward to being able to buy this series several times over for my own children and as gifts. This is exactly the type of media I want to see for girls, for all children.


Melissa Wardy

Founding Member - Brave Girls Alliance

CEO - Pigtail Pals & Ballcap Buddies

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CEO - The LEGO Group Jorgen Vig Knudstorp
CMO, Executive Vice President - The LEGO Group Mads Nipper
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LEGO CUUSOO Community Manager Tim Courtney
Director of Marketing - Australia and New Zealand Caroline Squire
Promotions Manager - United Kingdom Emma Owen
Families are looking for multi-layered, diverse, intelligent, and strong media characters to enrich our girls’ imaginations. Fortunately, there is a very exciting and inspiring option for LEGO Group. Recently a series of empowering designs for a new line of female Minifigures gained 10,000 supporters on the LEGO CUUSOO concept site and will become part of the LEGO Fall Review for possible new product development.

Girls can’t be what they can’t see and including these professional women for our children to include in their storytelling and play would make a significant impact on girls’ dreams and boy’s acceptance of girls in those roles. Studies have shown that the toys kids play with have an impact on their aspirations and ambitions for their futures. We want our girls to believe they can be engineers and scientists, and to have goals beyond looking pretty in pink. We want our boys to think of girls and see girls as capable of many things, including STEM careers and adventurous pursuits.

I support the Brave Girls Alliance and request the LEGO Group make the full line of suggested designs from the Female Minifigure concept design. Brave Girls Alliance is an alliance of experts, authors, doctors, small business owners, and advocates who educate families on the importance and power of children's media, but specifically media that can further empower girls. I ask LEGO Group to listen to the tens of thousands of consumer voices who would like to see the entire series of suggested designs from Alatariel's LEGO CUUSOO Female Minigure Series [] pass the CUUSOO fall 2013 review and go into production.

The Brave Girls Alliance is seeing thousands of comments come from our communities about both boys and girls being interested in these designs and excited to purchase them when they come out. During the support stage of the CUUSOO project social media circles were exploding with support for this series. One mother wrote to the Brave Girls Alliance: “I would buy these in a heartbeat!! I have science-loving, adventure-seeking, dirt-loving, bug-hunting, dinosaur-studying, book-learning, knowledge-sharing, Lego-building daughters! And I have nephews who love Legos too and they deserve to see female Minifigs doing adventurous things!”

Thank you for hearing our request for more female Minifigures as we continue to look to LEGO as a brand for our families that allows for creative play and building.

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