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          Dogs around the world are being euthanized (killed/murdered) for how they 'look' (BREED DISCRIMINATION also BSL) rather than what they've done. It is canine eugenics, it is canine racism, it is canine profiling, it is canine bullying - all of which we abhor and fight against when it is enacted upon humans. We have come so far and yet in this aspect we have regressed to the witch hunts of the past. It is ludicrous and it has to stop. The majority of the caring, concerned citizens of the world, the voters of the world, the people who put you in power, realize this is ludicrous, cruel and needs to be repealed in favor of a system which looks at the deed not the breed and allows alternatives to death. Vets, dog organizations, and your constituents all disagree with BREED DISCRIMINATION. Failure to speak out publicly about the cruelty, this legislation, inflicts on families and their dogs the equivalent of condoning it. This is NOT acceptable to the voting public. If you cherish your jobs and what they are meant for (your voters), then you need to change the legislation and change it fast. Offer alternatives to a death sentence and give animal abusers, dog fighters, etc., a sentence that will act as a serious deterrent rather than a laughable slap on the wrist.

          Hank is a prime example of the abuse of the breed discrimination interfering with a family dynamic. Hank’s Pitbull mix mother was responsible for killing some livestock (the “act”). Hank was in the vicinity at the time of the act, but dash cam video recorded at the time of the act proves Hank was not involved in the killing. Witnesses testified that Hank did not participate and had not blood on him after the act. Owners of the livestock determined after viewing the film that Hank was innocent and have refused to press charges. In spite of all this, Lewis County District Co0urt Judge Buzzard ruled that Hank was a “dangerous” animal and as such had to be euthanized. The family who adopted Hank without knowing this history has steadfastly fought to prove his innocence and get his released back into their care, they have witnessed nothing but a loving dog during the time they have owned him, and they have spent thousands fighting for Hank’s return without the “dangerous dog” label. This case is still on appeal.

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