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Petitioning State Senator Bill Galvano and 19 others

Legislators of the State of Florida: Repeal Senate Bill 1514 Chapter 2013-45 Sec.(13)(21)(n)

Due an amendment pertaining to the funding of dual enrollment, which states that school districts will have to assume the costs of the dual enrollment program, Miami-Dade County Public Schools has implemented a policy hindering the dual enrollment program. This policy has made it so that students will be restricted to enroll in only two college dual-enrollment courses per semester.

The bill affects thousands of students in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools system negatively, stripping them of the opportunity to push themselves academically. Senate Bill 1514 does not affect all of the students in the Miami-Dade equally however, the most serious impact this new legislation will have will be on specialized programs such as School for Advanced Studies (SAS) and Academy for Advanced Academics (AAA), which are renowned for their academic achievement by providing accelerated classes and college courses as a supplement to secondary education, unfortunately these programs may cease to exist as a result of this legislation.

But the effects of this legislation far exceed the boundaries of the Miami-Dade county however, posing a serious threat to dual enrollment programs in all counties across the state of Florida.

Please support this petition to allow the students of the Miami-Dade county and students all over the state of Florida to challenge themselves with college classes and to improve their lives through a college education.

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State Senator Bill Galvano
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Florida Senate Bill 1514 shifts the responsibility of paying for tuition to the district without providing additional funding, this will potentially keep many academically talented students from earning an AA degree while attending high school. Many of these students attend non-traditional full-time dual enrollment high schools throughout Florida, and would be the most adversely impacted. With these cuts, the State of Florida undermines its stated purpose of creating college-ready high school graduates.
By shifting the responsibility of dual enrollment funding on to local school districts already struggling under budgetary constraints, school districts have been forced to limit dual enrollment course access. These cuts will preclude high school students from taking dual enrollment college classes that simulate a true college course load, and thus, their readiness for higher education. For 25 years, School for Advanced Studies, the 2nd best high school in Florida and 6th best in the nation according to Newsweek & TheDailyBeast, and others like it have provided such educational opportunities to countless students well before "college readiness" was part of the general public's lexicon. This school, and other full-time dual enrollment programs like it across Florida, will be significantly and negatively impacted by these funding changes, as dual enrollment funding is its lifeblood.
Please repeal SB 1514. Readdress the current dual enrollment programs’ fiscal needs and write legislation that is conscientiously implemented and provides improved budgeting of dual enrollment monies.