Call for Nursing Leadership Representation at all levels of Health Care Policy Making.

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“We, the undersigned make a vital and urgent call to our Lawmakers/Legislators to ensure Nursing participation in policymaking from grassroots to the higher echelons of the health care decision making so that nurses can help in  creating policies where they are needed, reform ineffective policies and ensure  good policies are enforced.”

The Health care sector in India is poised at crossroads where the right policy is critical to a future course of action. We laud the Government’s efforts to continually look for measures that make health care affordable for every citizen. 

Nursing is an independent profession in the field of medicine represents 30.5% of all health workers in India. Nurses spend more time with patients than any other health care provider and are often the sole providers of care in rural areas.

This puts the nurses in a unique position to have a macro view of the health system. They have first-hand knowledge and experience of where the resources are needed and where it is lacking.

WHO has recognized nurses’ potential to act as “agents of change” in health systems. Nurses are an integral part of the health care system. Despite being at the forefront of the health care delivery, Nurses are inadequately or at times not represented in the policymaking process that can affect the health of millions in the country.

Though there is widespread consensus that nurse leadership at the highest levels is the key to implementing the best practices and the best possible health policy,  their role in decision making has not changed.

Despite several reform proposals, lack of efforts to allow nurses to hold positions of hierarchy within the government, in a position to influence health care policies has been a big drawback. A high number of vacancies in key institutions like the Ministry of Health has disempowered Nursing leadership.

Lawmakers and Legislators have a significant role to play in reforming the way policies are made. Placing nurses in positions of decision making is going to have a positive impact on the health care of the nation. We beseech all the lawmakers/Legislators at the State and National level to ensure nursing leadership is adequately represented at all levels of decision making of the health care system.   

As nurse advocates for our patients, we have clearly seen the issues of access to health services, health disparities, clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

We have a choice to feel helpless or motivate ourselves to take action. 

Hence, We, initiate this petition to ensure that nurse leadership is adequately represented at all levels of policymaking of the health care delivery system.

Please sign our petition and support nursing leadership at all levels of policymaking. The Government will be pressured to take action if lakhs of you sign this petition. 

Trained Nurses Association of India, Karnataka State Branch.