Change the COVID Restriction on Places of Worship in Saskatchewan

Change the COVID Restriction on Places of Worship in Saskatchewan

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Started by Sandra Molyneux

The Honourable Scott Moe, M.L.A.
Premier of Saskatchewan
Dear Premier,
As a faith community, we appeal to you today to reconsider the recent restrictions imparted on places of worship.  We appeal to you with the greatest humility, and with a desire to live out our fundamental freedoms of conscience and religion.  We appeal to your understanding that this fundamental freedom as identified in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, “…is subject only to reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.”
We are not denying the need to impart restrictions on every type of gathering in order to limit the spread of COVID 19 in our province.  What we are asking you to reconsider is whether restricting places of worship to a maximum of 30 people is a “reasonable limit.”  Gathering together with our faith community during this difficult time is no less essential then having food and water.  We are already seeing the impact that these difficult times is having on individuals, families, and society as a whole.  The ailments associated with this pandemic far surpass only the physical body.  As people of faith, we truly believe that gathering to worship is as essential as all the other essential services operating on a different level of restriction.
Our churches have worked extremely hard to create safe places where we can gather to express our faith, to find courage and peace, and to pray for our province, our country, our world.  We are asking you to consider the reasonableness of limiting buildings constructed for capacities in the hundreds with appropriate social distancing, to a maximum of 30 people.  We are asking you to consider whether a percentage restriction (such as the 30% capacity set for essential services) would be a more reasonable approach and more in line with respecting the fundamental freedoms protected in the Charter.
We understand that throughout this pandemic, you have carefully weighed every decision made in consideration of the greater good.  We recognize this must be an extremely difficult and taxing process, and we thank you for your timely consideration of this matter.  We are grateful for your leadership in our province through this very difficult time in our generation’s history.  Saskatchewan residents are no stranger to difficult times, and we have always persevered, pulled together, and come out the other side a stronger and more prosperous province.  We know this will be true on the other side of this pandemic.
We want to assure you that we are keeping you and your team in our thoughts and in our prayers. We pray for your continued health, and for the wisdom to guide us to a better time.

1,940 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!