Stop racist, ill-intended, divisive and deceiving omnibus bill “Bill 97”

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Stop racist, ill-intended, divisive and deceiving omnibus bill “Bill 97”

The photo below shows Greek Prime Minister E.Venizelos with Ataturk, the founder and President of Turkish Republic, in Ankara, 1930.

Eleftherios Venizelos nominated Ataturk for Nobel Peace Price in 1934..


Whereas: is a skilfully formulated omnibus bill presented under disguise of “declaring month of April as the Genocide Awareness, Commemoration, Prevention and Education Month”.

Whereas: is a racist attack against Turkish Canadians & their history, as well as Turkish Republic and its founder Ataturk.

Whereas: falsely includes, “Pontus Greeks, Assyrians-Chaldeans-Syriacs and all Christians of Anatolia”, so-called genocide claims.

Whereas: mixing few undeniable facts with many controversial subjects with no legal bases, to deceive MPPs for support.

Whereas: falsely implies Ataturk had deported Pontiac Greeks from Anatolia after Lausanne Treaty was signed.

Whereas: Lausanne Treaty indicates “Population Exchange of Turks in Greece and Greeks in Anatolia” demanded by Greece PM Venizelos and Allied Forces, rather than Turks.

Whereas: PM Venizelos and his wife met Ataturk in Ankara in 1930, and even nominated him for Nobel Peace Price in 1934 

Whereas: Greek Education Minister Nikos Filis rejected “Pontus genocide” claims of Greek ultranationalist in 2015.

Whereas: in Nov 2018,Canada Senate rejected Senator Leo Housakos’ similar “Pontus genocide” bill (32 against 16, with 21 abstentions). There is also no legitimate UN court verdict re “Pontiac genocide”, and no consensus by historians.

Therefore; we, the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to stop the passage of this ill-intended, divisive, deceiving, omnibus “Bill 97”