Petition for Preventative Health Services in Manitoba

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The background for this petition is as follows:

1.      Preventative Health Services are an integral part of our healthcare system and are essential to creating a healthy community.

2.      Preventive care to optimize health and decrease sickness is as important as treatment after a disease or sickness is identified.

3.      Increasing evidence now supports the fact that well designed investments in prevention can improve health and decrease health care costs starting in the first year.  In the long term effective preventive measures can continue to improve population health while reducing downstream costs.

4.      The lack of a focused and comprehensive provincial approach to prevention under the previous NDP government and under the present Pallister government has resulted in steadily increasing rates of diabetes, HIV, and Methamphetamine addictions province wide.

5.      The recent provincial proposal to develop clinical services plan does not include any mention of a plan to develop a  comprehensive Preventative Health Services Plan.

6.      When prevention services are only a small part of a clinical services plan, acute-care services invariably monopolize attention, money and other resources.

7.      The need to dedicate and focus resources used in prevention requires a comprehensive stand-alone preventive health services plan.

We petition the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba as follows:

We urge government of Manitoba to immediately develop and release a Preventative Health Services Plan, which would provide the necessary direction and resources to improve the health and well-being of Manitobans