Ban the Cruel and Inhumane Chaining of Dogs

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To all concerned

In light of the current situation coupled with extensive posts on social media concerning the detrimental effect on the welfare of chained dogs, we, the undersigned are calling on your powerful and influential  positions to legislate a ban on chaining/tethering dogs in our country.  Although it is not currently against the law to chain dogs, a ban must be activated as the amount of pain and suffering dogs are subjected to when chained are extremely cruel and inhumane. The RSPCA, Animal Advocates, animal behaviourist Linda Goodman et al, all agree with one thing: "a chained dog's life is a lonely, frustrating and miserable existence."  "They are deprived opportunities for even the most basic dog behaviours of running and sniffing in their own fenced yard. It also may place the dog in serious physical danger. A confined or tethered dog is unable to escape the harsh effects of weather (heat, cold, storms, etc.), attack by other animals, or theft or abuse by humans". 

Chained and caged dogs in any neighbourhood are constantly barking and often displaying aggressive behaviour. Further to the RSPCA and Animal Advocates' account, "constant chaining makes dogs neurotic, unhappy, anxious, and often even aggressive". Dogs that are left outside especially when chained suffer physical, emotional and behavioural problems such as aggression. Dogs are sociable animals who need companionship, care, exercise, and attention. When properly socialised and integrated amongst their human family, dogs are calmer, more friendly and loving.  Dogs are sentient beings; they are feeling and thinking beings that react and suffer the same as humans when put in a similar situation. 

In accordance to our Animal Welfare Act RA 8485 as amended by RA10631 I quote:

"For purposes of this Act, animal welfare pertains to the physical and psychological well-being of animals.  It includes, but not limited to, the avoidance of abuse, maltreatment, cruelty and exploitation of animals by humans by maintaining appropriate standards of accommodation, feeding and general care, the prevention and treatment of decease and the assurance of freedom from fear, distress, harassment, and unnecessary discomfort and pain, and allowing animals to express normal behaviour".

In order to promote and safeguard the welfare and well being of animals, the following provisions must be adhered to.(IRR Construction 1-5):

1. Freedom from hunger or thirst 
2. Freedom from discomfort
3. Freedom from pain, injury or disease
4. Freedom to express normal behavior
5. Freedom from fear and distress

Dogs that spend most of their lives on chains are deprived of their most basic needs such freedom of movement, freedom to express normal behaviours, freedom to socialise with other animals, freedom to exercise and play,  When denied of all the latter, it undeniably cause extreme stress and distress which are proven to be detrimental to the animal's health. Dogs are sentient beings who, just like us, are feeling and thinking beings. It is an act of cruelty to keep them under these conditions. 

Chaining and caging are widespread abuse that our loyal four-legged friends are subjected to which is loosely called 'Backyard Dogs': Dogs are employed by their owners to protect their properties, tethered to one spot, condemned to a life of loneliness and misery. Sadly, this practice is an epidemic in our country yet over-looked by our Animal Welfare Law.  This has to be reviewed for the reasons mentioned above.  

Do chained dogs make good guard dogs?

Dogs in our country are generally chained for the purpose as guard dogs.  Do chained dogs make good guard dogs? The short answer to that is NO.  They can't stop intruders from entering a property.  All they can do is bark.  "The best guard dogs live inside the home and are part of the family, which is how K9 police dogs are raised" -

Irrevocably, chaining and caging dogs are extremely cruel and inhumane.  Such practice go against our moral, ethical, spiritual and Christian values. 

Please legislate a ban.  


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