Save Human Rights in Hong Kong

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There is currently an ongoing action in Hong Kong to modify its current extradition policy. Under the new changes, people can be extradited to Mainland China in the name of violating Mainland China’s law. Under the new changes, everyone, including local residents AND foreign visitors who made stops in Hong Kong will be vulnerable to China’s arbitrary enforcement of “laws”. Any little freedom from fear would disappear from Hong Kong once the changes are made.

The most worrisome part is that, in the current Legislative Counsil of Hong Kong, the Communists government of China controls majority vote; hence they could pass any anti-human law as they wish and ignore the will of the people in Hong Kong (despite over a million people went on the street to protest the unjust law amendment:

We urge the Counsil Members in the LegCo to vote No on this unjust and unlawful extradition law amendment.

In the unfortunate event that the amendment shall pass, we, the citizens of the world, where applicable, will urge our own country’s government to exercise the Magnitsky Law and punish those government officials and Counsil Members who decided to support China’s anti-human-right regime and destroy the freedom of Hong Kong.