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Legalize Portable Electric Vehicles in New York City

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Currently, riding an electric longboard or other Portable Electric Vehicle (PEV) falls under a legal gray area.

While it's seldom we have a negative experience around police, "cop anxiety" isn't good for either side and I believe it's an insult and restriction of our liberty as Americans to be unable to ride these vehicles responsibly.

If you really study at the dynamics of riding a bicycle and a PEV, you'll find that they are just as safe, if not safer... keep in mind bikes constantly fly by us going on the West Side Highway and we can't come close to their top speed on a Boosted Board.

New Yorkers need clear laws defined for electric longboards, unicycles, and personal self balancing vehicles.

I will take this petition to our city leaders and explain to them our desire for having an array of personal transportation options and it's necessity as our city grows.

This is the first step in a long line of actions we can take to move our city towards being e-friendly.


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