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Legalize Open Carry in Florida

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In 1987 Florida simultaneously legalized the Licensed Concealed Carry and Unlicensed Open Carry of firearms and other defensive weapons. Due to a bill drafting issue, people openly carrying were allowed to carry in places where concealed carry was forbidden by law.  Anti-Second Amendment activist seized on this drafting error in the prohibited places section by calling all Open Carry an unintended loophole. During a special session that was called for other purposes, without committee hearings or legislative findings, Open Carry was completely banned except for limited sporting and law enforcement exceptions.

Today there are only five states (Florida, Illinois, New York, California, and South Carolina) that generally ban open carry.  30 States do not require any license to carry unconcealed and 15 states allow carry licensees/permit holders to chose to carry openly or concealed at their discretion.

Over the past nearly 30 years Florida's Carry Licensees have proven to be the most law-abiding segment of the population that group statistics are available for. Carry Licensees are statistically even less likely to commit a crime than law enforcement officers.

It is now time for Florida's Open Carry Ban to be repealed, at least for those who are licensed to carry already. In 2011 the drafting error in the prohibited places provision of the carry licensing law was corrected. 

We urge the State of Florida to stop this unnecessary and overreaching Infringement of the Right to Bear Arms for Self-Defense.

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