Legalise cannabis oil for medical use in the UK, through the NHS.

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My cousin Oliver, an 11 year old boy with severe epilepsy, was put on cannabis oil 18 months ago by his parents, backed by the hospital who told them where to get it, and that it would be available on the NHS within a year. Results were incredible, he won't ever be seizure free but it was a massive, life changing improvement, for Ollie and for our family. We got to see him looking healthier, and his mum and dad looking hopeful, as his rate of seizures dropped- from up to 20 a day, down to a couple.

Doctors now say their hands are tied, and if he continues to take cannabis oil, they can no longer monitor his NHS medication. Ollie's parents have a choice to make - do they accept the inevitable rise in seizures, or do they turn their backs on the NHS? Clearly there is no choice - please, help us change this.

Many other families are in the same position. In only 12 weeks on cannabidiol, epileptic seizures drop on average by 54%. 12 year old Billy Caldwell made history when he became the first UK citizen to be prescribed cannabis on the NHS, but his mum could face arrest for bringing the outlawed medicine home from Canada.

Alfie Dingley's parents are campaigning for him to be granted a special license for use of medical cannabis, and received widespread support. The support Alfie and Billy’s case show how the public feel about denying treatment to those in desperate need.

For parents, brothers, sisters, families, we have to watch our loved ones suffer. Could you watch your child have seizure after seizure, knowing they don't understand why the medicine that helped them has been taken away?

This isn't about legalising cannabis for widespread recreational use, it's about getting people the treatment they need. Please, help us campaign for change by signing to save Oliver, and all the other patients whose lives are being impacted by these regressive laws.


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