Legalise Airsoft Riles/ Gel Blasters In Australia

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In Australia, The government has banned the use of Toy Rifles.

Weather these kids toys shoot gel balls or bb's, the Australian Government will not allow these SPRING rifles to be used right across Australia. These toys are fun for all ages and with correct regulations in place are harmless. 

The Australian Government deems airsoft rifles, gel blasters, and bb guns as dangerous weapons with each of its projectiles classes as "ammunition", however the government does allow for foam nerf darts to be shot from a nerf gun that uses the exact same spring mechanism.

Airsoft is currently legal in EVERY western democracy APART from Australia. It is a skirmish similar to paintball (but safer) and enjoyed by millions of players around the world. It could be a potential multi-million dollar industry in New South Wales.

Not only is the Australian government taking away activities from kids that could fight obesity, boost creativity, and individual fitness, but the Australian government is locking up innocent individuals who purchase these toys online without realising the consequence, some of whom face up to 20 years behind bars.

It is time to change this, it is time to bring back the days where kids run around outside playing, it is time to stop innocent people from being locked up for purchasing a toy, it is time to allow everyone to enjoy the sport of airsoft and time to make Australia a nation of freedom.