Petition For Harsher Legal Punishments for Animal Abusers or Killing of Animals

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Enough is enough. Animals have equal rights as us humans to live in this world, have a safe place to live in and call their own. The world is not only for humans. All they want is to survive and for some compassion and kindness from humans. Have you not looked into the eyes of an animal and seen pure innocence and helplessness? Many a times, these stray animals are just hungry and homeless. How can people kill them in cold blood and get away scot-free? Animals feel fear, pain, comfort, the ability to love and show affection like us and contentment, among other senses.

Why do their lives mean so much less here in our first world country? What if this was a human child? How greatly different would the legal treatment and approach here be? Do we seriously want people like these walking among us, going unpunished for such brutal and inhumane acts? Case after case of horrific animal abuses leading to their deaths have been reported on Facebook but nothing much have been done about them. If these cold-blooded animal abusers and murderers see that it is easy to get away killing an animal like a stray cat or dog etc, this situation will never improve. Please help reduce the incidences of animal abuse and killing by imposing harsher legal punishments!

These people cannot be allowed to go scot-free, or more stray animals or animals that move about outside will lose their lives extremely painfully and horrifically! How many more animals like this one must die in this manner, or worse, before the authorities really take more serious actions? Some could be community cats and are looked after by volunteers and people in the neighbourhood who love and care for them. Animals do not deserve this at all! They are sentient beings like everyone of us!