LYHA swap our heating to something affordable so tenants are not living in fuel poverty.

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Social housing tenants on the Elmetes estate in Leeds are suffering with fuel poverty & crippling debt due to using housing issued Logicor Clear Heating Systems. Since 2015 Leeds & Yorkshire Housing Association have failed to provide an alternative cost effective heating system for their tenants, some of which are vulnerable with no choice but the use the expensive system. Other tenants refuse to use the system all together & have resorted to buying old school Calor Gas heaters to warm each room as it is in use. The Logicor Clear Heater system is consuming so much energy that the tenants are paying anything from £7-£10 per day to heat their homes in winter with bills accumulating to as much as £230 - £300+ per month.

The tenants have been pleading with LYHA for years to resolve this problem with no resolve. Only being met with excuses & empty promises if any response at all.

If the housing association install a cheaper alternative for tenants to heat their homes then they can have a better quality of life without having the constant stress & anxiety when trying to keep warm in these harsh winter months. A lot of the tenants on the Elmete estate are made up of single parent families, OAP's & those with disabilities.

Tenants are paying 350% more than average households of the same size. Which could be £1000 more than they should be paying.

This is our last resort please help us by signing & sharing. 

Thank You  

Elmete Residents.



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