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LBA Support Group

4 December 2020
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Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) needs a new terminal building - and it needs your help!

LBA's terminal is almost 56 years old and not up to the required standards of today. Years of under-investment by previous owners, notably the local councils, have left this region with an airport terminal that does not, and cannot, meet today's standards.

LBA's owners, AMP Capital, want to invest £150m to provide Leeds, Bradford and the region, with a world class terminal. One to be proud of. One that is carbon neutral. Leeds City Council planners are under pressure from Extinction Rebellion linked anti aviation group GALBA, and five Labour MPs, to reject the plans and condemn the Leeds City Region to a future with an inadequate airport. They disregard the economic benefits the airport brings and the thousands of jobs it supports. They disregard how the airport can help this region recover from the pandemic through huge investment; more jobs; more inbound tourism. The Government are seeking to fund new Infrastructure Projects to aide recovery - yet this privately funded project, might well be rejected by planners who give in to pressure groups and disregard the wishes of the majority. This region's loss will be Greater Manchester's gain.

LBA is the largest employer in North West Leeds. It generates huge amounts towards the regional economy. It supports thousands of jobs. It can do more. But without the new terminal its future is at risk.

So, the LBA Support Group asks;

  • Do you want to see this region recover from the pandemic quickly? For the economy to grow? For more jobs to be created?
  • Do you want the region to have an airport we can all be proud of? An airport that provides us with the services we want? In a terminal that meets all of today's standards and which is carbon neutral?
  • Are you sick of having to travel to other airports, benefitting the economy of other regions at the expense of ours?
  • Are you tired of negativity from groups who distort facts to suit their own ends; who care little for the jobs and livelihoods across the aviation industry? Or councillors who favour these groups and ignore the wishes of the vast majority of the people they are supposed to represent? Or MPs who do NOT represent the interests of their constituents? Who don't listen to or even seek the views of the majority?
  • Did you find it too complicated and time consuming to write letters to the council planners to express your support?
  • Did you feel intimidated by these anti aviation pressure groups?

If so, you can now have your say and SUPPORT LBA, by signing this petition. It’s quick and simple and secure. Help us secure the future of our airport, and the thousands of jobs it supports. Covid is destroying the economy and livelihoods. This £150m investment can bring back new jobs in construction; new jobs in aviation; protect jobs in the many local businesses that rely on the airport and aviation businesses based there.

PLEASE - SIGN THE PETITION NOW and let’s make sure our Council doesn't let us all down once again. It's Leeds City Council policy to support the development of the airport. We need to make sure they follow that policy now. The decision is imminent. It is now or never. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL AIRPORT!

Thank you


This petition made change with 1,654 supporters!

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  • Councillor, Paul Wadsworth
  • Councillor Colin Campbell