Encourage Leeds Bradford Airport to rename itself after British aviator Amy Johnson

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“There is still prejudice to be overcome, but it is being rapidly realised that a good pilot is a good pilot, whether man or woman.”– Amy Johnson, Sky Roads of the World (1939)
Netflights has found that out of 352 airports that are named after people of note, past and present, only 16 are named after women. That’s less than 5%, a shockingly low number. Moreover, of these 16 women, only three have a background in aviation.
This historic gender imbalance needs to change. There’s no reason why men should have more airports named after them. And, similarly, there’s no reason why female aviators shouldn’t be better represented in this very special way.
We want to change all that and level the playing field globally. So, to encourage more airports around the world to adopt female eponyms, we’re launching a new petition to inspire Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) to rename itself after the 20th century aviator, Amy Johnson.
There are two main reasons for this.

  1. There’s a Yorkshire connection: Amy was born and brought up in Hull
  2. The airport is expected to deliver a major terminal upgrade by 2023, the 120th anniversary year of Amy’s birth

Show your support today by signing the petition to persuade Leeds Bradford Airport to rename itself as the Amy Johnson Leeds Bradford Airport.


For more information on our research: https://www.netflights.com/c/airport-hub/airports/fairports/