Save Stoney Creek

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6ha Pristine Wet Tropics rainforest and known habitat to endangered species, including the Southern Cassowary has been bulldozed, with further development planned. 

We would like to halt the development and create a land bank of rainforest for now and future generations. 

This area directly borders on one side, the famed pristine waters of Stoney Creek, which leads directly into the Great Barrier Reef. And the other onto World Heritage Wet Tropics National Park. 

The area is being cleared for high density residential development that is not essential infrastructure. This is a highly controversial development with high levels of community opposition. 

The clearing has directly led to the introduction of feral pigs into the famed tourist spot. Feral pigs are dangerous, destroy native wildlife fauna and vegetation and also carry disease in the water. 

This has huge Tourism Economy consequences. 

Other species destroyed since 08 Oct 2018 include: 

Micro-bats, Fruit bats, echidnas, Pied Imperial Pigeons, at least one known eagle's nest with chicks, numerous reptile species, frogs, turtles and so many more. 

Please, let's make a difference, the world needs YOU!