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Lee & Wrangler, kindly stop using leather patches on your jeans

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Leather comes from animals, you know this. No matter where it is sourced, animals will have to go through a whole world of pain and suffering to get the leather from their backs. Levis since the 1950s have for the majority of their jeans lines, moved to man made patches for their logos on the backs of their jeans.

VF Corporation owns many brands including major jeans makers Lee and Wrangler.

Both these companies still use leather patches on the backs of many of their jeans and this can be stopped if enough people bring it to the attention of the companies that not only is it not necessary (man made fibres can replicate leather closely, or use alternative fabric patches); but it also will stop a LOT of leather being bought, therefore being taken from the backs of animals, therefore reduce suffering in the world. Simple!

So let's get this petition to 6 figures and share it on social media with everyone you know, who wears jeans. Probably everyone! Include @LeeJeans and @Wrangler so they know we're thinking of them ;-)

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