Make RCPD treatment available on the NHS

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Retrograde Cricopharyngeus Dysfunction (RCPD) is a condition where the cricopharygneus muscle located at the bottom of the throat doesn’t relax to allow gas to pass upwards- preventing the burping response. Treatment of this condition involves botox injections into the cricopharyngeus muscle which costs a minimum of £3k through private care. Thousands of people live with this condition but are unaware that there is such condition, due to it not being recognised by GPs and medical professions. They instead live their daily lives in pain and discomfort, misdiagnosed with IBS or GERD. I myself live with this condition but was told by GPs that it was IBS and other diet issues. After doing plenty of research online, I booked in to have a private consultation with Dr Yukubu Karagama, an ENT consultant based in Manchester and London, where he confirmed I have RCPD. I have recently had the botox treatment at BMI Alexandra Hospital which i had to pay £3k for as it is not available on the NHS. Dr Karagama (pictured) is the only ENT consultant in the UK who treats this condition and is under immense pressure to try make the treatment available on the NHS. I am hoping that this petition can help to spread awareness of RCPD as the more awareness there is about it, the more people will speak up, including sufferers of the condition. The more people speak up about it, the more common it will be. This hopefully will lead to more recognition and then correct diagnoses from GP’s and other professions. This ultimately should greaten the chance of the botox treatment being available on the NHS, for sufferers of this condition and they will no longer be living in pain and discomfort.