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Lee Restaurants: Stop the IOU system and refund confiscated worker tips

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The problem is this; Lee Restaurants using the IOU system in their restaurants. The system was put into place to make sure FOH and BOH staff paid for any mistakes, accidents, walkouts, kitchen errors or sendbacks out of their own tips. This is 100% illegal under Ontario Law. When questioned, a representative commented that the money confiscated by the company was used to fund staff parties and pay for aprons.

To add insult to injury, Susur Lee's two sons Levi and Kai are also in the tip pool. This means that even while not working or on site, the two millionaire sons are taking money from the people that are actually employed and in need of the money made at Lee and Frings.

Levi and Kai are known for frivolous spending and not being shy about showing how much money they have and spend on a regular basis. Even in the midst of all this controversy.

Example; the $20,000 they spent on Supreme\Louis Vuitton apparel. 

Our suggestion is this; sell a portion of the Supreme\Louis Vuitton gear and pay back the staff you stole from, and that toiled in your father's restaurants and made him as successful as he is.

The restaurant industry is hard enough as it is and Hospitality workers don't need to be stepped on by someone who clearly knows better. There are alot of people that know and appreciate how wrong this is. And with this petition hopefully even those not in the know, will have the courage the step up and not let employers steal from them, belittle them or take advantage of them in anyway.


UPDATE: Lee Restaurants have just stopped using the IOU system because of the backlash faced on Social Media. That's the first step. Now time to pay back everyone stolen from. 

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