Change the online high-school system in Redmond, OR

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    The Redmond School District's online schooling system is the worst of its kind simply put. The Canvas website's clunkiness, the Google Meet code leaks and confusion, and the required attendance during the schedule.

    Everything about this system in place has caused stress between teachers, students, and parents alike. Students who have been straight A contenders for multiple years are failing, students who are already struggling with school are being left behind. The choice to make classes undroppable that has caused much stress and confusion between students taking forms of art or AP classes that were forecasted before the pandemic.

     There are many other flaws with this system that need to be solved, here are some solutions:

  • Make classes with strong physically focused learning such as PE, art classes, video production, and AP classes droppable with the option to exchange for a free period or other class, additionally without any GPA or credential punishment.
  • Have teachers make youtube videos explaining assignments and projects for the class rather than Google Meets. This would make it more in-depth, better quality video and audio for students to understand, and less dragged out making it a better source of time.
  • Abolish the required scheduled attendance and base it on a weekly progress report for assignments being turned in.
  • Make all work acceptable and un-dockable points wise until a certain date before the trimester ends.
  • Change the Canvas system to a more polished, widely used, online classroom environment. (Google Classroom recommended as it's something all of us know how to navigate)
  • Reintroduce the pass-fail system used last year during the beginning of the pandemic.
  • Reduce the overall amount of work and limit legitimate assignments and projects to 5 per week. Limit unit and/or term quizzes and tests to 2 per week.
  • Better student and teacher communication rather than contacting the parents/guardians immediately.

    These changes aren't the extent of it, and are really just the start to making this system beneficial to everyone. This pandemic wasn't our fault, and we deserve a more simple, adaptive learning environment to make up for it. The system in place currently is more of a burden to student's and parent's lives altogether. We need something more beneficial to our community, these written points and solutions act as the voice of the students and parents. We need to change this system for the sake of our youth, and for the sake of their education.