Lee County Schools: No School Tuesday

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Hurricane Dorian - a powerful hurricane which is currently pivoting against the East Coast of Florida. Many other districts who genuinely care about the safety of the children rather than simply the money and profit have decided to shut their schools down between Tuesday to even Wednesday, Collier County being an example. Considering what had happened in September 2016 with Irma, I find it quite obscure Lee County has decided to prioritize money ahead of the students. Many lives were lost, as well as homes during that hurricane. Hurricane Dorian's destination is not yet set in place according to many Weather Channels as well as News Resources, at any given moment it could swerve alas hitting us. Either how, even if it had not come to hit us, we would still get a drastic amount of flooding as well as tropical winds such as what had happened to us when Texas was hit by Harvey. How does Lee County's school district expect buses to safely transport students to school when they can barely see out the window due to the ferocious wind as well as heavy rainfall? Once again, what about the safety of students who have to walk to school? What about the safety of students and teachers who are at a school with an open campus? How does the head of the school board expect students who drive themselves to school to safely make it there in the pitch dark while a desecrating Hell of rain pounds against the roof top and window of their vehicle? Please re-evaluate your impetuous decision of forcing students to go to school on Tuesday while a hurricane has made landfall near by.


Thank you,

Sincerely, Lee County Students and Parents.