Enforce safety at Bonita Springs Center For The Arts

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As of recent, Bonita Springs Center for the Arts had been threatened (school shooting) twice within a months time; making a list on who is to be killed. Two weeks or so back a student reported writing on the bathroom wall “Bye Bye Bonita 2-28-18” and nothing was done to our knowledge. Weeks later another student claimed to see a “hit list” containg guns surounding multiple names that she recongnized in that EXACT stall as the incident before. Today (March 8th 2018) there was a substance on that same wall, which was dotted along the walls which appeared to be blood. Parents of the kids who were on the list did what was necessary and called the school but yet they claimed there was nothing possible that could be done since there was so physical copy and end up just shoving it under the rug.
This is serious, serious situation that is now going to be taken into hands of the students. We can’t stand by to see another incident like Columbine (1999) or Douglas (2018) and hundreds of others, not now, not ever. We need to enforce security all year round. You may not have noticed but usually after a major traumatic event (particularly a school shooting) they’ll have a couple extra police officers for a day or two to make parents feel like their children are genuinely safe, but then where do they go a week later? They’re gone plain and simple. Security needs to be enforced all year round not for two days. Why does something such as 17 students dying need to happen in order to feel semi protected for 48 hours? Students should NEVER even consider the possibility of being shot while attending school especially in this time in our life while we’re still developing.
We’re the future of America, if the school administration won’t do anything about it why should we stay quiet in fear?
- Daisy Caballero (student at Bonita)