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Show Lee County Schools that Sexual Assault on Kindergarten Student Will NOT Be Tolerated!

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My niece was sexually assaulted by two older boys on the school bus. No one at the school board seems to be taking this matter seriously. They even stated that the incident wasn't a "violent" one, which makes it seem like they are trying brush it under the rug.The two boys made my niece lift up her shirt several times and the oldest boy pulled down her pants while saying the sexually explicit things that he was going to do to her. She did sustain a minor abrasion on her chest and stomach from the oldest boy who pulled her pants down. She was so disturbed by these events that she got off the bus crying and told her father what had happened. He then immediately contacted the school to notify them of what had happened but no one could be bothered that evening to take action. The police were then involved and my niece, who is just five years old, had to undergo a mental health evaluation. My sister, my nieces mother, has spoke at a school board meeting regarding this incident. Still little action has taken place to protect other students from also being assaulted. One child was suspended off of the bus for just two weeks while the other is not allowed back on until January. The problem is that there is nothing stopping these boys from doing something similar to another child. The bus driver cannot watch 60 children and drive the bus. It's just not possible. There needs to be a monitor on the bus to watch the students who assaulted my niece but the school board says "it isn't in the budget". Which they might as well say they are perfectly okay with sexual assault.

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