Release Disabled 10 Year Old Rosa Maria Hernandez from Detainment

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On October 27th, 10 year old Rosa Maria and her family passed through an immigration checkpoint while being escorted to a hospital in Texas. Suffering from Cerebral Palsy, she underwent emergency surgery. Officials waited outside of the hospital until Hernandez awoke, and immediately escorted her to a federal shelter, 150 miles away from her family.

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The legal proceedings associated with Hernandez’s case could go on for weeks, and even if she is granted a medical visa, she could be deported until the request is processed. At the very least, the proceedings should be sped up, knowing that a vulnerable child is being held in a facility that is surely not as suited as a hospital to deal with complex post-surgical care.

I have Cerebral Palsy myself, and am asking the US government to make exceptions on compassionate grounds and allow Hernandez to stay, without detainment, due to the extenuating circumstances this family is presented with.

Please sign this petition if you support Rosa Maria's right as a child to have her best interests considered, and have her released from detainment.

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