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Fire Rose Marie Belforti for refusing to marry a lesbian couple


Because everyone in the United States deserves to have their rights protected...

"A town clerk in Ledyard, N.Y., is standing in the way of letting a same-sex couple tie the knot, even though the state legalized marriage equality in June.

Rose Marie Belforti, the town clerk for the small town of Ledyard, has publicly stated that she will not sign marriage licenses for same-sex couples and refused to do so for Katie Carmichael and Deirdre DiBiaggio on Aug. 30.

"This is no better than separate but equal," Carmichael told The Huffington Post. "We do not want to have to go in there on another day and be treated like a second-class citizen."

Shortly after New York legalized marriage equality, Carmichael and DiBiaggio began making plans to wed.

But Belforti, the publicly elected official responsible for issuing marriage licenses, refused to issue one herself and told the couple to make an appointment with a deputy town clerk. There's just one problem: There is no deputy town clerk.

Belforti has cited religious reasons that prevent her from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. She is now reportedly not offering marriage licenses to opposite-sex couples either, except by appointment.

The town's government is behind Belforti, saying it cannot force her to issue licenses. Carmichael warned that support could potentially make the town complicit in breaking the law..."

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    Ledyard, New York town officials; Town Supervisor Mark Jordan

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