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Highway 4 Auto Wreckers has given Rogers permission to install a 200ft cell tower at the back of their yard. We are only 300 meters away from the proposed site, along with many other families.

The health risks are huge, especially in women, specifically breast cancer which I’ve just had a family member go through.

Property values will decrease, the area will become permanently undesirable to new homeowners, and this tower will be visible for miles around. A 61 metre tower is no small thing. It is literally taller than the tallest tree, and will be right in front of the incredible mountain views that we made our permanent home here to enjoy.
Anyone within 1 mile, even 5 miles will be at a greater health risk and have other implications from this.

Anyone within 600 meters has an almost 100% chance of health implications, particularly children as they have thinner skulls. This radiation increases cancer risks, neurological disorders and changes your body on a cellular level.

What do you think that will do to the healthy growing children that live with this 600 meter radius? That is not giving the next generation their best chance.

I am not willing to take a chance that’s there’s no vailidity in the hundreds of study’s linking EMF and radiation from cell towers to damaged health.
If the health risks were proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be ‘fake news’, there wouldn’t be so much controversy surrounding this issue. There’s too many risks to the effects of this monstrous tower to take a chance on my life and the lives of my children, and neighbours.

It has been said my the Rogers representative that this cell tower is for a very small coverage area, and more for data than voice calls.

My opinion on that, is this tower is targeting people out and about want a faster Facebook connection, and download speeds. What happened to uploading pictures at home? At your hotel? At any local coffee shop that offers free wifi? The world is technology driven enough, we live in a rural community for a reason. Coombs is not a city, and it is not an industrial park. It is full of beautiful acreages, artisans, artists, nature lovers...

There are many other feasible sites that will give more cell service to the people that want it, without risking anyone’s health. Better yet, people that actually need it can install cell boosters or change carriers.


*Increased cancer risk, neurological disorders, aggravates MS, and more.

*Visible for miles. A 200ft tower right in front of our incredible mountain view, the first and last thing people will see in every direction of Coombs.

*Noise pollution 24/7 (Dirty electricity buzz, anyone sensitive to this will understand what I mean)

*Light pollution all night(it is in a flight path and tall enough to needs lights)

*Risk to recreational air traffic. They fly right over all year long, less than 200ft off the ground.

*Radiation risk to livestock in the area raised for food

*It will be taller than any tree here, 4 or more times the height of any nearby building. This is not an industrial park, and it’s not an industrial area. The tower will stick out like a sore thumb, especially that close to the highway that takes you to the pristine beaches of the west coast. 

* Our neighborhood is home to a diverse range of birds. Studies show towers increase the amount of deaths in bird life due to crashes, etc. Local to our neighborhood are; eagles, hawks, herons, ducks, Canadian geese, white Canadian geese, rare Western Tanager, ravens, and the incredibly RARE and documented White Raven who lives on or near our property most of the year.(supportive article in links)


They have been very underhanded about this and haven’t told anyone except the people they absolutely have to by law within the 610mtr range! Why haven’t they made sure everyone in community knows about this? It’s not honest and it’s not right. We should have a say. The people that live in this community should decide where the cell tower should be, not a multi billion dollar phone company and not a site planner that lives in Vancouver.

For your information, the site consultant did not even bother to find a safer site. After being turned away from the Coombs Market area, all he did was drive a few blocks down the road to look for the most unattractive property in site with no regard to the proximity to residences or the fact that it is not an industrial area. It’s right next to a Winery! This is ALR land, agriculture should continue to be the priority. He didn’t even entertain the possibility of any larger piece of uninhabited land on the ocean side of the highway across from his target site of Coombs market, even though that is still in proximity of the targeted coverage area. 

Rogers will not give proof that the cancer risk isn’t real, that the property values won’t decrease, that the ecetrical current won’t have side affects, that the tower won’t affect the local wildlife. Instead they are disregarding all of these as ‘common concerns based out of angry, emotional people’s opinions.’ Not accurate. I asked if the site consultant or Rogers would sign a sworn statement that this cell tower would absolutely not have any detrimental effects. This was completely ignored. Instead, they are hiding between Health Canada Safety Code 6, which holds as much validity as Health Canada telling people a matter of decades ago that cigarettes were 100% safe for everyone, including pregnant women. We know what happpened there, Let’s not let history repeat itself.

We can’t keep technology out forever, but let’s force them to create safer distances between residences and cell towers! Find another site!



1. Keep it a safe distance from homes, livestock and businesses. 1 mile minimum. The risks are great. Radiation, electrical current in the ground which reaches up to a km, this includes our home.

2. Lower the height. 200ft is a monstrosity for our rural community, and will stick out like a sore thumb. The site consultant could not tell me what town or city has any tree, building, or structure 200ft tall. This monstrous tower will be possibly taller than anything this side of Nanaimo, maybe even further.

3. If a cell tower in Coombs is something that the community wants, put it on the Oceanside of hwy 19 where it is not blocking any views, particularly the beautiful mountain vistas people enjoying driving through Coombs. For now, if people need more cell service on their homes they can install cell boosters, or change providers.



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