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Stop the possible culling of Badgers in Wainfleet Lincolnshire

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Stop the possibility of a Badger Cull in Wainfleet, Lincolnshire. For digging up people's Gardens and possibly causing damage to the River Bank! Grass grows back. INNOCENT LIVES DO NOT. DEFRA has already shown in recent studies that Culling Badgers is ineffective which makes this nothing more than a cruel sport. Badgers are legally supported by the Protection of Badgers Act 1992, which means they have to be protected from persecution which this is. Any licence under this law needs to be fully justified and applied against stringent conditions, which this is not the case, this is about protecting peoples gardens. As for the river bank, the river bank can be damaged by the weather, the nesting birds, the water table, the wind and several other enviromental factors. There is no way that Badgers are damaging the River bank to such a degree that the river bank is structurally unsound and their behaviours if can even be proven is going to cause a landslide. Especially noting that throughout the area of most of the river bank, there is either tarmac roads or fields. No house sits on the edge of the river bank. This is an uneccessary and cruel way to kill innocent lives. Hedgehogs, rabbits and moles also dig holes in peoples gardens, but living in a rural area, this is to be expected with wanting to live in the most rural and largest rural County in the UK. 

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