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Stop including the Liberal Party in LeadNow's strategic voting campaign

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We, the undersigned Canadians, insist that LeadNow stop presenting the Liberal Party of Canada or its candidates as a vote for change in 2015. The real progressive vote, and the real vote for change, is a vote against Bill C-51. The Liberal Party voted unanimously for the bill in our House of Commons and has no intention of repealing it.

For those of us who value democracy and don't want to live in a police state, excluding Liberals is strategic.

The campaign against C-51 has united a vast and inspiring coalition of individuals, civil society organizations, and movements to oppose this repressive legislation and the dangerous shift in our national politics it represents. We thank LeadNow for helping in this effort. However, the Liberals are on the opposite side of Canadian history and democratic politics, and LeadNow should not be lending them credibility by including them in its election campaign.

The Liberals have proposed weak amendments to C-51 that leave dangerous powers for our security agencies intact. We cannot settle for amendments. We need it to be fully repealed—which means we need to elect a majority of MPs who are committed to doing so. LeadNow cannot continue to speak in solidarity with the Stop C-51 movement or with progressive Canadians if they do not adequately confront and acknowledge that.

You simply can't have it both ways.

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