Close the Gender Wage Gap With Mandated Paternity Leave

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As Ruth Bader Ginsburg said, "Women will only have true equality when men share with them the responsibility of bringing up the next generation."

A recent study by the Census Bureau showed that the gender wage gap nearly doubled when a woman gave birth to her first child, and Harvard Economist Claudia Goldin, a leading expert on the topic of gender wage inequality, has published a number of studies demonstrating the importance of time as a primary culprit behind the wage gap. The minute children are born, the extra time burden on the mother begins, and widening gender pay gaps follow right behind. The woman takes maternity leave, and the man returns to his job to enjoy congratulations and the ability to continue building his career and salary.

To begin to close the gender wage gap, fathers must participate equally in raising children. We believe that offering paid paternity leave is not enough - it must be mandated that the father take the leave. This will immediately put men and women on a level playing field at work and send a clear message that family caregiving is vital to our society and the equal responsibility of men and women.

It is time for leading corporations in America to stand up for women in the workplace by creating thoughtful approaches to closing the gender pay gap. We have sent a letter to the CEOs of the 50 largest and most influential companies in America asking them to implement 6+ weeks mandatory paid paternity leave at their companies. 

Please sign the petition to tell the CEOs of the leading corporations in America that you support 6+ weeks paid mandatory paternity leave.