Support Maxime Bernier’s Participation in the Upcoming Federal Leaders Debates

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The People's Party of Canada is a new federal political party with over 40,000 members and candidates running across Canada. The PPC has gained significant momentum and support in less than one year of its conception. Maxime Bernier, a former Conservative Party member, established the PPC for Canadians looking for federal representation with traditional values such as sustainable and economical immigration, lower taxes, more individual freedom & smaller government.

This petition calls for the Leaders' Debate Commission to include Maxime Bernier in the English and French language national debates scheduled to be held in early October. The criteria to participate in the debates established by the Liberal government has been created to disqualify Maxime Bernier & the PPC from the debates.

Canadians have the right to hear from all leaders of major political parties that have extensive endorsement across Canada. This is a fundamental principle based on fairness and freedom of speech.

Do your part to make the upcoming Leaders Debates fair for all Canadians. Please sign this petition and share it with everyone you know who wants to see a truly democratic process in Canada.