Save West Kirby Promenade - Pursue Other Flood Alleviation options #savetheprom

Save West Kirby Promenade - Pursue Other Flood Alleviation options #savetheprom

26 January 2021
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Why this petition matters

**UPDATE - Please sign and share this petition urgently and take further steps as suggested below - the Planning Application WILL BE DECIDED at a Planning Sub Committee at 6pm on 2nd Nov 2021**

Dear Wirral Councillors

The Council proposes to build a 1.2m high 1.15km precast concrete wall along the length of West Kirby promenade.

This will reduce the width of the promenade walkway by one third, block coastal views and destroy the open character and heritage of this very special place.  Please take a moment to measure how high 1.2m actually is.

The promenade has been enjoyed in the same way by residents and visitors alike since it was designed and constructed over a century ago and we must protect this jewel in the crown of Wirral and Merseyside but at the same time address flood risk.  The promenade was built to provide sense of fresh air, open space, health and well being which is as relevant today as it ever has been.  This is a very special place enjoyed by thousands of residents and visitors every year.

1.   Please withdraw or DO NOT approve planning application DPP4/20/01627 that proposes to build a 1.2 high flood wall along the length of West Kirby Promenade (South Parade).  This will destroy the promenade.  It will block views and reduce the width of the walkway by one third.  The proposal is contrary to Local Plan policies (CAO1, TL1, CH01) to protect coastal views and prevent harm to the special character of the promenade.

2.   Please DO NOT appoint a contractor to undertake the works.  These works will destroy the character of West Kirby promenade and create tonnes of unnecessary CO2 due to the volumes of unnecessary concrete required.

3.   Please DO continue to work with the Environment Agency and owners of properties at risk to pursue and implement other less intrusive and environmentally friendly flood alleviation options such as those detailed in the Councils own Project Appraisal Report (AECOM 13/12/2017 version 10) and others.  These include demountable defences, strengthening walls and landscaping around existing properties, flood resilience measures directly to properties at risk, making the promenade flood resilient, using existing structures and accepting that some areas can flood without harm, installing flood gates to key roads, land raising highways at key points.  There is a long list of alternative and feasible options.  Note the cost estimate has doubled from £3 to £6m since the options were appraised and hence the appraisal should be considered void and revisited.

4.   Please DO continue proposals for long overdue investment and basic maintenance in this area to tackle long disrepair of street lighting, upgrade road, footway surfaces and street furniture to make it flood resilient.  Invest in the adjacent parks and greenspaces.

Please act now and stop this from happening.  This is a democratic process and it is within your gift to stop this from happening.


As well as signing and sharing this petition you should also...

... Object to the planning application (link below)  -

... Write to the Leader of the Council expressing your concerns and ask that the current planning application is withdrawn or refused and alternative flood alleviation options be pursued  -

... Write to the Chair of the Environment, Climate and Transport Committee Chair expressing your concern and ask that no contract for the works be signed  -

... Write to your Local Ward Councillor expressing your concerns, ask that the current planning application is withdrawn or refused, alternative flood alleviation options be pursued and that no contract for works is entered  -

... Write to our Local MP expressing your concerns  -

... Review the Planning Committee agenda and final report recommendations.  You can watch the debate and voting at planning committee  -

... Positively support the Council, Environment Agency and owners of property at risk to identify more appropriate options for flood alleviation.

**Most importantly please sign AND SHARE this petition urgently**

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Signatures: 1,432Next Goal: 1,500
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