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Please do not repeal the Qld Civil Partnership Act.

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On the 30th November 2011, Queensland Parliament passed the Civil Partnership Bill to provide legal protection and social recognition to couples who either can not or do not wish to marry.
The Qld Deputy Premier explains this here

Early in 2012, this Bill will become law as the Qld Civil Partnerships Act and will provide legal protection and social recognition far greater than is currently granted to couples under de facto status.

Queensland Liberal National Party (LNP) Leader Campbell Newman has said he will repeal the Civil Partnerships Act if he becomes Qld Premier after the state election in early 2012.

On 20 December 2011, Qld Independent MP Rob Messenger released his CIVIL PARTNERSHIPS REPEAL BILL 2012, which he says he will use to repeal Civil Unions.

On 9 February 2012, Katter’s Australian Party Queensland state Leader Aidan McLindon, announced the Australian Party will repeal Civil Unions.

Mr Newman,  Mr Messenger and Mr McLindon,  please do not repeal this legislation:

1. The Civil Partnerships Bill was passed by democratic process and therefore should remain.
2. Civil Partnerships will bring legal certainty to both opposite-sex and same-sex couples on issues including next of kin status, hospital visitation rights, consenting for emergency medical procedures for next of kin, consenting for medical procedures for next of kin's children.
3. Civil Partnerships will allow the couple and their families and friends, an officially recognised ceremony, not provided to de facto couples.
4. Couples in de facto relationships are not currently provided this degree of legal recognition and protection.
5. By providing improved legal and social recognition, this will positively impact the health and well-being of couples entering a Civil Partnership.
6. This is a human rights and equality issue.
7. This brings Qld into line with Tasmania, Victoria, NSW and ACT who already have civil unions.
8. The LNP was opposed to the Bill on the grounds that it was a distraction from the real business of government. If they believe this, then it is even more of a distraction to repeal it.
9. No one has stepped forward to show that they, or their relationships/marriages, have been harmed since the passage of the Civil Partnerships Bill.
10. This is not a religious issue as churches are under no obligation to perform or recognise civil partnerships.
11. It would demonstrate extreme insensitivity and be inhumane to take away legislation that was introduced to protect people.


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