Bring on Richard Di Natale!!! The Federal Leaders Debate is No Longer a Two Horse Race.

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Three decades ago the Australian electorate saw the first televised leaders debates between Andrew Peacock and Bob Hawke. Since then we have come to expect at least one debate between our political leaders before an Election is held. Every Federal Election the Leader of the Liberal National Party and the Leader of the Australian Labor Party turn up at a venue like The National Press Club and debate the issues of the day. Once there was a marked difference between the LNP and the ALP this is now no longer the case.

These days the political landscape has changed and the federal election is no longer a two horse race. There is another contender in the political landscape. A party that has gone from strength to strength in every federal election since it joined the political arena. That Party is the Australian Greens.

In a twist of fate the inception of the Australian Greens and the first televised Leaders Debate occurred in the same year. It is with this in mind that I am calling on the Leaders of the LNP and the ALP to include the Leader of the Australian Greens in the Televised Leaders Debate for the next federal election. If you want to see a genuine debate of LNP, ALP and Australian Greens policies. If you want to hear what Richard Di Natale has to say SIGN THIS PETITION.