Help me to kept Brindille alive

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Brindille is a dairy  who was abandoned by its mother in april 2019. This wild boar aged of only few weeks was bottle-fed.

In order to find a refuge for her, I phoned the wildlife associations in the area but both refused to take her in. I was forced to keep her. (The Tichodrome located at the GUA and the AQUILA Association in Gap)

Months go by and Brindille grows up surrounded by dogs and cats. It played with them without any aggressiveness

By my side, I try to find a solution such as placing it in a park, but to no avail. I contacted several times the most famous associations (Brigitte Bardot and others) but too much demand is coming in and it is impossible to manage them all.

Brindille grown up more and more and is now part of the family.It’s absolutely tame and not afraid by man or other animals. Some hunters try to flatter it to shoot it but it always stay safe in our garden and refuse to cover the 150 meters between our home and hunters.  

Brindille grows up in a fenced yard but not airtight : it can comes and goes as it pleases… It is not kept as a captive like some rapports claims. 

Every morning and evening, I give her some fresh fruits and vegetables that I buy at some supermarkets and always available corn at will. It never eat meat, fish or leftovers.

Brindille is also very attached to my four years old niece who never leave it.

That’s why I started the process to keep it with me but I was denunce before I can ask for it and now the procedure is locked.

24th november, some hunters from the ACCA ( communal Registered Hunting association) of my village decided to surround my house to force some wild animals to escape from the forest to them - As they often do. Hunters did it next to my house and try to shoot animals with gunfire toward my property while my field are occupied by ponies and while there is a four years old child who play next to them. After a dangerous shotgun, I called my village’s police who came and asked me to go away from the action (in order to prevent me from knowing the identity of the shooter)

In small villages, it usual to be friends with police, so none was doing about my complaint. It was highlighted that there was no death to confirm my speech. There was the same result when I spoke about night poaching, and pressure I had from hunters, their friends and their families. Hunters are so protected by our government that my multiple complaints come to nothing.  

The best is coming : the third of january 2020, I’ve been summoned by the National Wildlife and Hunting Board for possession of Brindille.

In thi case, I am received by an environmental police officer who would be a member of  an ACCA from a village next to mine. A police officer who used to hunt with hunters from my village. I highlight anomalies between his words and the reality. He says he came to my place and saw Brindille, who would have gone out of the garden to come as close as possible to his car ( so this is a proof that it isn’t a captivated animal right ?). I also see some pictures in his file but he did not allow me to look at it.

15th of january 2020, I had received a courier from departmental directorate of territories-environmental services in Isère who “have the honour” to forward the “administrative default report, formalising the findings made during the inspection of your installations carried out in your presence on 9 December 2019”. However, this day I was at work and then at the gym. 

It’s already confirmed that even if I file an authorization to keep Brindille, it will be refused to satisfy the revenge of ACCA.

I started this petition to help me keep Brindille which is far away from a dangerous or harmful animals.I ask you to share and talk about my demand to national or international media and to all associations which protect animals.

Thanks for supporting.