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Add Modding Tools to R.U.S.E.

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Many players are begging for some modding tools to appear, wether it is a map editor to a unit editor to a full scale modding SDK. All we need in the game is a map editor. From there, we can create situations and maps that we'd like to play in. Only you, the people, can bring this to R.U.S.E. and Eugen Systems themselves! I have seen many people on forums of sorts begging for mods or map editors for R.U.S.E! I don't want to see people suffer of the fact that there is no editor in the game yet. Only if Eugen and or Ubisoft approve this petition and work on R.U.S.E, Eugen and Ubisoft will make more money because many players enjoy making mods, maps, scenarios, and or custom units for an RTS game. Just think of the capabilities R.U.S.E. will give to players with these awesome editors. It will boost popularity once more, it will bring R.U.S.E. to the front pages, and it will bring Eugen and Ubisoft more funds for better projects.

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