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LDS Church - Formally apologize to victims of conversion therapy

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the past has conducted conversion therapy on homosexual men and women in an attempt to "cure" them. There are reports of this happening as recent as 2016. In addition, good LDS people are still attempting to "pray the gay away" for themselves or others because the LDS Church promotes the idea that it is sinful to engage in homosexual activity. It is not enough that the Church now opposes the practice. Many youth, and others, are resorting to taking their lives because of the struggle of being an LGBTQ+ individual in the LDS Church.

We ask that the LDS Church formally apologize to the individuals and their families for the pain they brought upon them. Similar apologies, like the Queen of England granting a posthumous Royal Pardon to Alan Turing, have been made in the past and we believe the LDS Church needs to be held to these same standards.

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