Keep the mimimum day schedule and make classes shorter

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The 90 minute classes are way too long and ridiculous. No one can pay attention and its causing major eye strain looking at a screen for 6 hours a day plus homework and other activities. Kids also don't have a proper learning environment meaning that focusing for 90 minutes isn't even possible for some. It's okay at in-person school because there is a work environment there, but at home, no one can pay attention and learn the material that is being taught. Shorter classes will help students focus more and learn more because they would be able to focus for the full 50 minutes. It will also reduce eye strain and stress that is being caused by the insane amount of assignments being assigned to us. Change is needed now for the benefit of all students in LBUSD.

Here's the link for the people you need to email and there's a template so that you just have to fill out a few things then you can send it.