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Replace Peter Kasting and the Google Chrome UI Team

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After being flooded with months of complaints, just on Google's forum-style "question & answer" pages alone, Peter Kasting has definitively stated that he does not care what Google Users think of the new Google Chrome Layout. Despite the fact that it not only slows down the loading of New Tab pages and the opening of the browser itself, it is now missing critical elements that many Google Users have become dependent on such as Recently Closed tabs, a clean layout with just Most Visited pages or your Apps, and a quick Chrome Web Store link (which is now absent completely).

We've all come to love and trust Google in its vision of "do no evil" and promoting "openness" and "choice," but we have been betrayed by the Chrome team, having taken matters into their own hands and blatantly changing Chrome for what many see as far worse, far slower, and far less useful, but also more importantly taking away "choice".

Sure, there are extensions, but none of which currently restore the original layout, and none of which are even close to being as stable or as smooth as the original layout, so the choice to use the original layout is no longer available, even via extensions.

So we ask Mr. Page and Mr. Schmidt to please put a stop to this rampant one-sided control-mania on the part of the Chrome Team, it is hurting long-time Google Fans, and we want simply to have openness and choice, something we've always loved about Google, and we hope to continue to see now and going into the future.

Regardless of whether Mr. Kasting or his team are fired, we hope this petition will bring to light the core issues at play here: Openness and Choice. If Mr. Kasting and his team cannot promote Google's vision, then perhaps someone else would be better off working in his place who does agree with Google's vision of Openness and Choice.

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