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Require warning signs of ALL low-head dams

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Low-head dams are death traps. They produce dangerous currents which strongly recirculate. Victims get trapped in these currents and immediately drown down stream from the overflowing water. These dams drop off up to 15 ft. Anyone who enjoys canoeing, kayaking, fishing, tubing, or swimming in rivers is at extreme risk. Because they are not all marked to give warning of what is ahead and what it is capable of, my step father and his brother among MANY other people around the USA have become victims of this drowning machine. Ohio has 1,700 dams, the majority being low-head. Private or unknown ownership and lack of regulations make this a serious problem that must be addressed! Tell them to make sure everyone in a river is well aware of the dangers of these low head dams by putting up well seen signs and or other warnings. People die every year because of this. Even life jackets and being the best swimmer cannot prevent death from these! How hard is it to put up warning signs at ALL low head dams?!

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