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Lawmakers: Incentivize Adoption From Humane Societies

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99% of puppies in pet stores originate in puppy mills. Neglected, abused and unloved.  When you purchase a dog from a pet store, you are supporting puppy mills. We end this cycle of abuse and neglect by cutting off demand for purchased dogs... at no extra cost to taxpayers.

It costs $2,000 per dog to shut down a single puppy mill per the HSUS. That’s $160,000 for the 80 mistreated dogs in Illinois, and $600,000 for the 300 dogs rescued in Maryland. $760,000 to shut down two puppy mills. As you can see, this can get expensive.

With that figure in mind, it would cost 1 billion – with a ‘b’ – dollars to save the 500,000 dogs who are purchased through pet stores each year according to Petful. We simply don’t have the funds or manpower to shut down every puppy mill selling to pet stores directly.

Therefore, we must cut off the demand for purchased pets in pet stores. Redirect demand flow to more humane sources. 

This is why our government should incentivize U.S citizens to adopt dogs from their local humane societies. 

Some of you may think this is impractical. “Peyton, you ask, don’t we have bigger issues that demand our government’s money?”

What if I told you, ladies and gents, that we are already spending that money? What I’m proposing is a new way to allocate some of those funds.

The United States government – through our tax dollars - spends an average of 8 dollars per person each year on humane society shelters, according to Dr. Rowan at the HSUS. That’s just over 2 billion dollars each year collectively sheltering and euthanizing animals. What if the government took 2.25% of this budget (or 45 million) and paid the 500,000 people who want to purchase dogs from pet stores to adopt from their local humane society for free instead? This would affectively save ½ a million dogs from being euthanized in shelters and completely cut off the entire demand for purchasing dogs in pet stores.

Let’s pause for a moment to visualize a world where all dogs are warm and loved and cared for. Where dogs can feel the grass beneath their paws - some of these dogs have never felt the ground before. Where they can feel the sun on their backs.  A world where all of us as taxpayers are saving money – money that can go to lowering the cost of college.  Building better bridges and roads.  And where people get a little nudge to do the right thing when it comes to their animal companionship.  Because some people, like my step mom, “don’t even realize that buying a puppy from a pet store is supporting puppy mills."

Don't just take pity on these dogs, take action for them.

Sign this petition to appeal to our lawmakers to incentive U.S. citizens to adopt from humane societies. 

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