Law vs Law Enforcement

Law vs Law Enforcement

April 30, 2020
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Why this petition matters

  Sent to: Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody

John W. Dobbs, Florida inmate no. C00618

 Case no. 48-2006-CF-15201-0

  (Edited on November 18, 2020)

                                               Law vs. Law Enforcement

 They want to punish us to the Full extent of the law and deny us the full protection of the law.

I am asking for viewers to sign the new and updated complaint on petition as witnesses to fraud on the court perpetrated by the named respondents on the petition based on their having viewed the public records and arguments to the courts on the website and; for failure to grant relief from judgements rendered in absence of subject matter jurisdiction when properly challenged and failure to provide a legally sworn complaint file on the October 25,2006 record to refute the merits.

American citizen detained without a formally sworn complaint against him to protect his wealthy assailants and the detainment has been maintained by officials indulging in fraud on the court. They refuse to hold anyone accountable, refuse to have an evidentiary hearing, refuse to show how they have jurisdiction and the fraudulent acts deprived John of his constitutional protection. All of his properly presented challenges is a voided by misdirection and procedural bars that don’t apply, and it seems there is no end to judges that lawlessly protect  each other.

  State whether or not you have an invested interest as a witness or complainant.

                                 Sign to oppose corruption by officials

 I, John W. Dobbs, being duly sworn, depose, say and declare by my signature, that the facts and statements attested to through this complaint and supplemental affidavit are true and correct and filed in good faith, respectful of court resources. John moved this court for declaratory judgment and relief as we certify the following statements of undisputed facts demonstrating fraud on the court as prima facie evidence that the integrity of the legal construction of my detainment has been undermined, with the result of rendering my participation ineffective.

We Certify - Law vs. Law Enforcement    and  The Immediate Family of John Dobbs

The Corona virus is running a mock in prisons worldwide because of their close proximity. Please pray for all of them and the families. May GOD help us all.

 Is this what John's detainers, the Florida State Officials are hoping and waiting to happen to him. A favor for a favor? Covid19.

View his legal  court trial documents and more on his website at   and

Hear in his own words what happen to him for yourself please go to

" Revelations 2020 King U Exposes the Game from Prison " part 1of 4 ( 4 part videos ) copy and paste 

Please sign his petition on Law vs. Law Enforcement

John's website has been hacked into many times.

Note: As of October 19, 2021 the Department of Justice /Civil Rights

(The Office of Civil Rights) will be investigation this case.


Mrs. Celeste Dobbs

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Signatures: 1,076Next Goal: 1,500
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