Justice for Jami Jeffrey

Justice for Jami Jeffrey

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Started by juls rose

Michael Alan Aquila took away Jami Lee Jeffrey’s young life over 8 months ago, he was arrested and released within a few hours. He had been driving drunk with Jami in the passenger seat, she was killed instantly while he was left with a few scratches. As soon as michael was released from jail, he went to take his son from Jami’s grieving family and take him all the way to New York, where he would leave him with a woman his son has never met before. Not even a month after she was killed he went public about dating Jami’s “friend/roommate” who was present at the funeral and acted like she despised Michael. Michael had a history of being physically abusive with Jami as well. There are numerous witnesses who have seen him hit her, but unfortunately no actions were made.Jami was very hard working, she was planning on leaving Michael when she was financially ready, so to know her life was taken at the hands of this man who feels no remorse is sickening. Michael has been seen riding around and drinking at bars despite the court order. Her life was taken too soon and now her son has to grow up without the one person who’s always been there no matter what. We want to bring our beloved friend justice by locking this man up for good, and to bring her baby boy back to the care of her family. Please sign and share, anything helps.

We will be sharing more information & proof Via tiktok account : https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM8HFJHa3/

News Article: https://www.fox13news.com/news/fhp-man-charged-with-dui-manslaughter-following-fatal-crash-in-holiday.amp

Michaels beautiful long list of arrests that the cops didn’t care about when giving Jamis baby back into his arms HOURS after the car accident : 



Search up : Aquila, Michael Birthday : 03/17/1993


for the rest of the horrible things he has done that the police system does not care about! 



+1 (352) 521-4274

^ they are open at 8:30am 

please leave a message or talk to someone informing them that Michael Aquila was driving illegally after he shouldn’t be considering he was in a DUI ACCIDENT. (they are aware of this he received a TICKET) and that the court shouldn’t “postpone” his freedom any longer. He needs to violated for driving without a license out on bond which is what is being “processed” He was given a TICKET for it. Please sign & call them.

1,147 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!